Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Valentine Parties

Just a few pictures from M&J's Valentine parties. In second grade they each brought in a baby picture and all had to guess who was who! They guessed almost everyone correctly! They all got Jack right!! They also decorated cute V-Day cookies! We got to the fifth grade party when it was almost over, so we just hung out with Maddie for a little bit!

Everyone laughing at the baby pictures!

Jack decorating his cookie

The finished product!

Miss Mama's girl held out her arms to Jack's teacher and let Mrs. Bradsher hold her for quite a while!!

Maddie and Claire hanging out in 5th grade

Maddie's Valentine craft - she did not want me to take this (too cool!)

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Sharee Forman said...

Oh my gosh, I just got SO HAPPY when I saw this post! Jack has THE BEST teacher ever! Mrs. Bradsher and I taught kinder beside each other for years in McKinney. The best mentor I ever had, she is truly amazing!! Yall are blessed to have her, please tell her hello for me! :)