Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas visits and babies!

I'm finally back in town and ready to get caught up on Christmas pictures!! The week before Christmas- Alli, Chapman, Claire and I headed to Plano to see my cousin Mike's new baby. Little Max was born November 13th, but we hadn't gotten to meet him yet. His big sister, Samantha, is about 14 months older than Clarie, so they are really starting to enjoy playing together! Here's few pics from our visit:

Claire and Samantha

Alli and sweet baby Max

and Claire..

and Samantha (Chapman preferred not to be the picture, but that's his water gun!!)

Then, the weekend before Christmas, we headed over to Aunt Laura's to hang out and do some celebrating with Bill's side of the family! We had a delicious dinner, opened some presents, played some Wii and this time I got a picture of sweet baby Lily! Claire and I LOVED getting to hold her!!

Claire so excited to hold Lily!

All the cousins: Grayson, Maddie, Jake, Jack, Claire, Katie and Lily

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