Monday, December 15, 2008

Claire's loving Christmas!!

She's been enjoying old treasures! Loving all the Christmas books, toys, ornaments, movies, music, and even dishes that we get out each year!!

Having fun with new treasures! This new snow globe from G&P doesn't even have to be shaken. Just turn it on, and the snow blows and music plays for as long as you want!

She even got to ride the carosel when we went Christmas shopping!

And my very favorite is her love for "Away in a Manger". We have children singing it on 3 different movies, so she'll watch any of those - but would prefer to watch only that song (Maddie & Jack love that)! Then when we're in the car, I have to keep replaying it over, and over, and over! But when she sings along so sweet, I just don't care!


The Penuels said...

Love that girl & so does Chappy!!

Lucy said...

awww... so cute. There is nothing better than seeing little ones enjoy Christmas!!