Monday, December 8, 2008

Santa's Village

For the last few years, we've headed to Santa's Village in Richardson with Aunt, David, and (for our second year)Chapman!! This year, Grammy and Poppi were in town for some Christmas shopping, so they got to come along! As usual, it was pretty crowded, but it's cute and the kids really enjoy it!! The littles weren't much in the mood for pictures (shocking!), but I ended up with a few cute ones!

Chapman really, really liked the cookie he got from Mrs. Claus!!!!


Porter Carroll said...

Hi Jennifer,
You have the sweetest family! Thanks for your blog post! It was great visiting with you on Sunday. I felt like the church was super genuine! My husband is going next weekend to check it out! I look forward to seeing you again!~

Little Loveys Mom said...

ok claire's hat is tooo cute! where did you get it? little lily needs one for next year!!!