Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Memories

We headed to Wichita Falls last Tuesday after a quick stop to visit our new niece/cousin Lily. She was just precious, but of course I forgot to bring my camera. Hopefully we'll get some pictures with her soon!

We weren't in the Falls long before Grammy brought out all we needed to make darling little Turkey Cookies! The kids had so much fun using candy corn, icing and baby m&m's to create these cuties!

The finished product!

Although many chose to take a few things off before eating their cookies, Claire loved the whole thing!!

Thursday we had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner (special thanks to Grammy for that!!) and darling table decorations made by Maddie and Aunt at Night of Fun! Each person had a unique turkey marking their spot!

The Nelson Family

Grammy and Maddie always sit at the end of the table together on the piano bench!

After dinner, it was off to the park for the boys and the kids. They had a blast and Poppi took these darling pictures. I had a REALLY hard time chosing just these!

My walking nephew!!

I love him!!!

Claire with her Uncle! He is sooo sweet with her! And she might have him wrapped around her little finger!

Love, love, love these next two pics and these two people!!

What's Thanksgiving without a little football?? Even though they live in the same town, Jack and Nathan had to travel to Wichita Falls to get together!! They had a fun game with their dads!


Friday night we headed out to see some lights. It was pretty cold, so Grammy went searching in her coat closet for hats for the littles. This is what Claire chose and then wore many more times. Sadly, we couldn't bring it with us :(

And Finally!! Saturday, Jack, Bill, Poppi and Uncle headed to Lubbock for the Tech/Baylor game! I hear they had fun!!


The Penuels said...

Love the pictures....and also LOVE Claire's hat! I am sad she couldn't keep it :)

Mee Mee said...

I know Jack had a blast at the game. All the pictures are great!

The Rowe Crew said...

Hey Jennifer! I'm finally done with my "blog fast" and have had so much fun catching up on y'all. Your whole fam is just too cute!!! And Claire seems so tall, then again, I forget how big my little one is getting too :o). I know life is crazy now, but after the holidays, we'll have to do a playdate. Do you mind if I add you guys to our blogroll?

Lucy said...

cute photos. It looks like you guys had a wonderful thanksgiving!