Sunday, November 23, 2008

Littles Night of Fun!

Ever since my sister and David have been married, they've given Maddie and Jack a "Night of Fun" for Christmas! This was the third year that M&J headed off with Aunt & David for their much anticipated night, but it was the first year that sweet Chapman was around to probably cramp their style. Hence, "Littles Night of Fun" at Aunt Jen's! Now remember we're talking about a 1 and 2 year old. Chapman arrived about an hour before bed, it was dark and cold outside, and we had one carseat. So our night consisted of a little playing, jammies, a bedtime story, and off to bed! We did get to do a little more playing on Saturday morning too, and we had LOTS of fun!!

Claire we tap on the drum, not Chappy!

This is fun!!

Almost ready for bed! So sweet!

Good morning! Ready for breakfast!

Chappy, I'm going to read you a story!

Claire, I'd rather look at this remote.

No, Chappy. I'm READING to you.

Seriously, look at the book!

O.K., O.K. I'm looking.

I like this book!

Now head on over to Alli's blog to see what the bigs were up to!!


The Penuels said...

I am laughing so hard at the "book time" in the chair!! Chappy had so much fun w/Claire for the 1st Annual Littles' Night of Fun!! Great pics :)

Lucy said...

how funny... I love that you did a night of fun with the little's while the "big kids" were away with Alli and David. It looks like everyone had a blast. What a great tradition!!!

Little Loveys Mom said...

that is precious of her reading the book to him......! great that you captured it w/the camera!!! we'll have to get her over here to read to her cousin lily next! let's see her get lily stare at the book LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Marcia Penuel said...

Jen, this story of the "Littles" fun night was SO FUNNY, and very dear at the same time. LOVED it!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Marcia Penuel