Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Eve

The Nelsons have three Christmas Eve traditions I would say. First, we go to the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at Grace Church where I grew up. It's wonderful seeing old friends and family, singing Christmas carols, focusing on Christ's birth, and seeing the room filled with candlelight. Claire did really well this year, and loved seeing all the candles. Then we come home and have our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. I'm pretty sure we're one of the few families that have Christmas Eve nachos(!), but we all love it!! Then after lots of asking, the kids get to open one present - their Christmas pajamas! They always get sooo excited and look soo cute!

It's finally time!!! (I would have tied really cute bows if I'd thought ahead to the picture, but for whatever reason - my kids love stick-on bows!!)

We love them!!

Modelling the new jammies!

Oh I forgot a fourth tradition - of course we leave cookies and milk for Santa. Maddie and Jack were kind enough to get his cookies ready really early this year, since Claire had to get to bed. But don't worry, they put his milk back in the fridge until they went to bed, so it would stay cold!!!

Now I have to confess that I took one, yes ONE sad little picture on Christmas morning - not even worthy of it's own post :( It is so crazy with all the kids opening at the same time and wanting to show you their gifts. Plus helping Claire. No excuse I know. And Poppi decided to video this year, so he wasn't taking pics either. Sadly I don't have his video or know how to upload it! But we had a blast!! Maddie and Jack got DS's from Santa, and tons of other fun things. They even got moon shoes from Uncle! Which now that I think about it, I have a picture of those on my NEW camera! I haven't really gotten to use it much and have no idea how to upload the pictures yet, but that's next on my list! Claire got this cute little market and shopping basket that has a seat for her baby from Santa!!

M,J,& C in Claire's new market!

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