Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Two little angels!!

I forgot to mention in my Halloween post that Claire's angel costume was originally Maddie's. Maddie wore it her second Halloween, and I remember thinking I'd never seen anything more precious. I've been wanting to look back in my albums and find those pictures. Now that I see them, I remember the joy I felt (and still do of course!) having that sweet baby girl. By the next Halloween, she would have a little brother, but at this point she was our one and only! I love you my sweet first angel!

And who knew that 9 Halloweens later, I'd have another precious angel. I love you my sweet baby angel!!

I think I expected my two girls to look more alike in these pictures (and I think they do in some pics). For one thing, Maddie was almost 21 months and Claire was 28 months, so 7 months makes a difference. Look how much shorter it is on Claire!! And I guess I lost the little halo bow somewhere along the way!!

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Poefam said...

I love all of these sweet comparissions...but, I'm dying to see Alli as a Crayon!!!! HA! I'm sure she's thrilled about it as well!!! :)