Monday, October 13, 2008

Number 7

For those who don't know, Jack takes 100% after his father and 0% after his mother in his love of sports!! He loves them all and plays most!!! In the fall, it's football - yes, tackle - yes, he's in 2nd grade (don't get me started!!!) I may not agree with the concept of tackle football at such a young age, but I do think he looks really cute in his uniform. He manages to look so grown up and so tiny at the same time! So last weekend, the Leopards got to play their game at the high school stadium! It really was fun to watch them playing from up in the stands. They looked so cute, but it seemed like such a real football game! And they won!! I tried to take pictures, but it was so sunny that I couldn't see anything on the screen of my little camera. So basically, I was just holding up my camera and pressing the button. Needless to say, they didn't turn out very cute! But luckily one of the dads shared his pictures, so I can't take credit for the below! Remember, we're looking for #7!

That's Coach Bill in the back with arms crossed holding papers!

Good game!!

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