Saturday, October 11, 2008

Arboretum Fun!

Next on our calendar of fun events was a trip to the Arboretum with Aunt and Chapman! Sadly, it was a school day, so only Claire and I got to go. But, we had so much fun seeing all the pumpkins and having a picnic lunch! We also got to meet several of Chapman's little friends and their mommies! I could use all kinds of excuses why I don't have many pictures, but the main one is that I hardly took any!! I could tell after the first two that my sweet daughter wasn't in the mood, so I quickly gave up. The cute one from above I stole from Alli's blog along with a few others (yes I figured out how to do that, but not how to link to her blog from her name!!) Fun day!!!

"Chapman, if we don't look up, maybe they'll stop taking our picture!"

Alli and Chapman

Sweet new friends (not pictured: Claire!!)

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