Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Claire Post!

Because Claire and I are home (or out and about!) together most of the time, I tend to have more candid pictures of her. After looking through my camera today, I found a few I wanted to share! None of these individually seem like a post, so I'm including them all in one summary! Above is Claire in her cute little Red Sox shirt! Claire is not particularly a Red Sox fan that I know of, but her sweet Uncle brought her back this darling pink shirt from his recent trip to Boston (to see his beloved Baylor Bears play)! We love Uncle!! You can see Jack wearing his shirt in the New Bike post. I haven't gotten a pic of Maddie in hers yet!


Last week, Claire's little friend Chloe came over to play along with Kylie (a sweet little girl Chloe's mom watches). It's funny because Maddie's best friend is also named Chloe, so Claire was so excited to have "My Chloe!!!" come over. They played with lots of toys, and then moved outside to the sandbox and slide! I loved that they both had pigtails in that day! So cute!!

l-r: Kylie, Claire, Chloe

Taking turns!!


I don't really think so!! But she did put Bill's baseball cap on backwards yesterday!! Of course she also included a headband underneath and all of the ponytail holders in my drawer as bracelets!! And then proceeded to paint her baby's toenails!! Oh, and she had my flip flops on too! Maybe she'll just have a fun fashion sense!

Painting baby's toes (can you see the nailpolish bottle!)


The Penuels said...

Awww...that's my sweet girl! I love seeing those pictures of her :)

Breenette said...

Awww! I love these pics! So glad you found my blog so we could keep up with each other this way!
Ps. Addison has those same brown and blue pj's. :D