Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tea for three!

Claire has THE most precious preschool teacher this year. She had a hard time adjusting to school at the beginning of the year, but Miss Stephanie went above and beyond to make her comfortable. Now she never wants to leave at the end of the day! Miss Stephanie auctioned off a tea party at the school's fundraiser, and one of the mom's in our class won it! There are only 3 girls in Claire's class, so she invited the other girls (and their moms!) to join her! And OH MY GOODNESS, it was so cute!!! Looking back at my pictures, they don't even really do it justice!

Here are the girls arriving in the room. You can't really tell, but there were all kinds of girlie goodies sticking out of the boas on the tables - braclets, rings, cute little flower pads, etc! Princess confetti/stickers and of course candy!

Precious centerpiece. Each girl had a pink wand with her name. And those are huge "diamond" rings in the vase. They had each gotten one attached to their invitation!

taking their seats

of course they need a tiara!

l-r Natalie, Hannah, Claire

yummy lunch included chick-fil-a nuggets (doesn't get better than that!)

the "tea"!!

barbie lipstick that's really a lollipop!!

with Miss Stephanie

first after tea activity - the new favorite - painting! Claire was first in line!

princess painting purple on pink paper!

I LOVE this picutre! Forgot to mention the tatoo they got at the beginning!

A little princess board game! Claire is getting really tired at this point - so not a lot of smiling, but still having fun!

Claire's turn! The silver necklace she's wearing has a little crown on it - also a gift from Miss Stephanie (so sweet!)

landed on the crown - yay!

wearing the game jewelry

fake smiling for the group pic

with Miss Lisa - our sweet sweet aide

The final gift - how cute is this! Such a sweet memory!

These were a few pictures of the girls playing in the hall before they got to go in!

scroll down for pics from teddy bear picnic


The Penuels said...

Precious!!!! I just love all of the pictures!!! I can't wait until Claire can show me all of her fun treats :)

Little Loveys Mom said...

what a wonderful teacher! what a great memory to have!