Friday, May 1, 2009

It begins....Teddy Bear Picnic and Field Day!

It seems like every time I check my email or the kids bring home a note from school, it's something to go add to the calendar. Every year, May is crazy with "end of the year" activities, but this year seems especially so! For one thing, Claire is now in preschool, and she has activities too!! So it begins...

The two year old classes had a Teddy Bear Picnic on Thursday! Sadly it was pretty wet and overcast outside, so the picnic came indoors. Still lots of fun though!

Meeting up with Mommy & Daddy - ready to "picnic"!

Claire's only request for lunch - cheetos!!

There was lots of cheeto eating with a little sandwich eating thrown in!

wiping the orange fingers!

a little drink

a little apple (yay!)

All done!

What now?

The biggest hit of the day - easle painting!

playing in the beans - another big hit!

and my favorite picture - hopscotch!!

As mentioned above, the calendar is so full that some days even have multiple events!! Thursday was also Jack's Field Day. So in the small window I had between the start of field day and the start of the TB Picnic, I headed out to watch Jack. I guess I missed the note home telling me that second grade boys want nothing to do with their mothers at field day, nor will they allow them to take pictures especially with them actually looking at the camera - sad :( And most of the fun events were going to take place after I left. So here a couple of pitiful picutes - mainly just to prove I was there!!

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