Thursday, January 29, 2009

100 Best Wishes!!

How special it was to go to my Great Aunt Reecie's 100th Birthday Party!!! She is such a sweet, special, selfless lady and it was an honor to help her celebrate 100 years! It was so fun and very interesting to learn more about her life - all the things she's lived through and several amazing little stories. Like the time her family worried their children were about to be taken by gypsies!! I can't even imagine. Aunt Reecie is my grandmother's sister. She doesn't have any living children, but all 5 of my grandmother's children and thier spouses, 12 of her 14 grandchildren and their spouses, and 17 of her 18 great grandchildren were there. The 18th great grandchild had just been born the day before!! So I think Reecie got a good idea of how much she's loved. It was so fun seeing everyone. It's not often that we're all together! Happy Birthday Aunt Reecie!!

The Birthday Girl!

playing with baby Chase

cutie :)

I could have taken this picture at almost any point in the party!!


The cake was DELICIOUS!!

Enjoying some with Samantha!

More cake!

Sweet sisters-in-law!

Still playing DS!

Chapman got a party favor - a Hershey bar!!!!!

Attempting a great grandchildren pic! Really next to impossible!! These are the 2 best of 17 that I took! For some reason Sarah decided to lay across the floor in front, so then Claire just had to do the same! I was so proud :)

l-r:Grace,Elie,Abby holding Chase,Connor,Samantha,Jack,Maddie holding Chapman,Lauren holding Max,Will,Riley,Elzabeth,Allison and Sarah and Claire in front!


GG (less than 4 years from her 100th!)


Uncle and Max

Cute couple back home!

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The Penuels said...

I will take the credit for the great-grandchildren picture...I did the best with what I had to work with...which was lots of children moving about :)