Saturday, July 11, 2009

Claire's Birthday!!

My baby turned 3 on June 21st. How is that possible? She's supposed to stay my little one! But she's growing up so fast, and is a complete joy! We just had a little family party on that Saturday, but she enjoyed every minute of her big day! She had asked for "a bike, a scooter, and a bath for my baby!" The "bath" being this huge wooden (and heavy) baby station combo with bed, bath and highchair on top and cabinets beneath! Of course she got all three :), but I only have pictures of the scooter that day. The baby center had to be put together, and it took her about a day to master the bike. Now she rides that thing all over the house (too hot outside, so I relented!)! Soo cute! I'll have to take some pics of bike riding too!

The Birthday Girl!

wearing the birthday crown :)

starting to open presents

first present!

more opening...

getting out the scooter! thanks grammy and poppi :)

sweet sisters :)

this looks fun!

Chapman enjoying the new princess drum :)

Jack enjoying the party!

getting on her new helmet to go try out the scooter!

this feels good!

off she goes!

I love this girl, and the fact that she always needs her sunglasses :)

Back inside for cake! Claire picked an ice cream cake (with icing ballons!) from Baskin Robbins. Perfect for a hot June day and yummy!!

Chappy needed in on this! I guess his mom was anticipating a mess - I don't know why!!

"look at my cake, Chapman"

the candles are lit!

I can tell she's embarrassed but loving it that everyone's singing to her in the next two :)

about to blow...

I did it!!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you!


The Penuels said...

Such precious pictures of my beautiful littlest niece!! Love that sweet girl & her pink scooter!

Little Loveys Mom said...

Yea Claire! Ice Cream Cakes are Uncle Branden's Favorite! We have to get one for his bday every July!!!!