Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fun Friday Forming and Frolicing with Friends

There's an episode of Friends where Joey uses a thesaurus on every word of a letter he's writing to make himself sound smarter! Every time I saw someone's post of this little art outing, they had a really cute title. So I had to get out my thesaurus to come up with my own clever title while not copying someone else's! It's actually been a couple of weeks now since we went with Aunt and Chapman to Kids & Art in Frisco for a fun morning of craft making (forming) and playing (frolicing) with LOTS of other sweet friends!

A little playing when we got there

Claire and Blake

She really liked these maracas!

My friend Julie realized that her cousin and I were both here, but we didn't meet. When I looked at my pictures, I had this one with her cousin(in the back) and her cousin's little girl (on the right). So close! And such a small world!!

Starting our craft! Painting (Claire's old favorite!)

Too busy for a true smile :)

Glueing (Claire's new favorite!)

She really liked glueing!!

Chapman liked it too!

Last ones in the place!!

The perfect ending - some bubbles...

and a lollipop!

The WHOLE group!!

Fun Friday!

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Summer, Justin, Blake, and Sutton said...

So glad ya'll were there!! We'll have to do it again soon!