Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Claire's room and photo shoot!

I put it off until after Christmas, but I finally got sweet Claire into a big girl bed! It took me forever to find bedding I liked and get everything just so! But she's been enjoying her new room for a while now, and I've been meaning to take a few pictures! I had also promised Claire we could take some pictures in to show her teacher, so this morning we headed up to do that! After we took a few shots of her room, we ended up having a little photo shoot! I was trying to practice with some of the settings on my camera since there was quite a bit of natural light. And for some reason, Claire was in a somewhat agreeable mood and did a bit of modeling for me! My photography skills are still quite lacking, but we got a few cute ones. Please excuse Claire's around the house, leaving town, so don't want to dirty up cute stuff outfit:)

showing off her night light

She even let me take her hair out of the ponytail (Claire's hairstyle of choice!) for the photo shoot! Sorry, she's not praying in these!

She kept wanting to see the pictures and after she saw herself looking down like this, it was all she wanted to do!!

Let's play a little dress up!

looking down again! she only wanted to take pictures in the chair by the bed!

pretending to sleep! you can kind of see her cute little teacup of paci's on the night stand (don't judge me - we'll deal with it when she's 3!!)

Special thanks to my sweet sister for helping me do this room and for painting cute things for me!! She painted the flowers above the dress up clothes and cute "rejoice" canvas! Couldn't have done it without her!


The Penuels said...

Yea!! Those are great pictures :) I am impressed sis! Also, Claire looks like Maddie in one of the hat pictures...crazy!!

julie mosley said...

Claire is precious, and her room is beautiful too!

Little Loveys Mom said...

yea big girl room! i love her posing pics! haha

Summer, Justin, Blake, and Sutton said...

I LOVE her room! It is adorable ... and I love the colors. Claire is too cute!!

MeeMee said...

Claire Bear..... Pop Pop and Mee Mee love your new room.... It is so like you full of cheerfulness and fun... We love you