Sunday, March 22, 2009

Open House

The week before Spring Break we had Open House at Jack & Maddie's school! Lots of fun things to see! When we're going somewhere like this and I have my camera ready, I try to take advantage of everyone being all ready at once. But it's usually at night, so where do we always end up - the fireplace!! I really am going to work on that!

Me with each of my babies! (Daddy's going to work on his centering!)

Now no mommy!

Jack's character, Billy Bob Joe Fred Jr. (Ah to be 8!). He wrote a really fun story about BBJFJ!

Showing Dad some work!

Making sure we saw everything on the list - Walk a Day in My Shoes!

Maddie's desk

Madeline and Mrs. Chaney

Checking out the Music room

And of course - the cookie!!


The Penuels said...

So cute!! Jack's play-doh man = scary!!! ha ha I love that boy!

MeeMee said...

Jack, love your play-doh man!!!! Love you too...
Love MeeMee

Lucy said...

ha... the play-doh man is hilarious!

oh and I think your husband centers photos like my husband? Not sure what happens but it always does!