Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat!!

What do a crayon, an angel, a lion and Micheal Crabtree have in common?? They were all at our house on Halloween to do some trick or treating!! And they had a great time!! Since Halloween fell on a Friday, Grammy, Poppi and Uncle all got to join our fun! Aunt and Chapman were back for Chapman's second Halloween (hopefully that will become a tradition!) since David was out of town. And one quick note - the cute little crayon costume was handmade by Grammy about 20 years ago for Alli! How fun to see it passed down! Now look out for lots of pictures!! (Thanks Aunt and Poppi for sharing!)

Stealing the neighbor's photo op!

Waiting for the angel...

There she is!

Precious little lion!!

Loading up in the wagon

Somehow the littles ended up with candy before we even got started!

The first house!

And many more...


Summer, Justin, Blake, and Baby Brother said...

They all look soooo cute in their costumes!! Love the pics!
p.s. Only a couple of weeks till Chuy's opens!!!!!

The Penuels said...

Yea! You beat me to it..I was just about to do my Halloween post :) Cute pics...cute kids - what can I say?

Lucy said...

So cute. I love your blog and all those cute halloween costumes. I need to get your email so I can invite you to read mine. Would you mind sending it to me at
xxLucy + Eleanor