Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Day of School - The Early Years!!

When I was working on my First Day of School post, I thought how fun it would be to look back at all the First Days we've had and see how we've grown!! The first year or two, I had Maddie go out on the porch by the front door for her official picture, and that just kind of became a tradition. Our front door and our school have changed, but we always take that same picture! As I look back, it appears that I like to take one horizontal picture a little closer up to see their faces, but I also take a vertical full-length so I can see their cute backpacks and usually new shoes!! So here we go on our trip down memory lane!

Maddie - 4th grade, Jack - 1st grade

Maddie - 3rd grade

Jack - Kindergarten (not my choice of backpack!)

We also had two years when we were at the same school as Aunt, so we had to take a First Day picture with her too!

In front of Mrs. Penuel's classroom!

Maddie - 2nd grade (1st year in new house and new school!)

In Miss Lam's (for a few more months!) classroom!

Maddie - 1st grade

Maddie - Kindergarten (I had to scan these)

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